Employee Benefits

Why choose SMASHED?

At SMASHED we understand your employees deserve the best so we are more than happy to offer them a up to a 30% discount on all repairs to be offered by yourselves as an added benefit! They will be able to redeem this discount by providing a Business ID when booking in their device!

Employee benefits

Discount – Up to 30% discount on all repairs Nationwide for all members of staff.

Account manager – Direct access to a dedicated account manager for quotations and general enquiries.

Data security– Security of business and private data is guaranteed.

Service– Professional quality service carried out by highly trained specialists.

Same hour service –   Book an appointment online to benefit from our 1 hour service.

Our services

Tech repairs – We offer different types of repairs on various devices whether it is a smartphone or tablet..

Liquid damage– Spilled some coffee on your device or dropped it down the toilet? Our specialists have a 70% success rate with reviving liquid damaged devices.

Device protection – Protect your devices against drops and damage with our protective case and screen protector range. Bulk disounts available.

How to get the device to us:

Walk in – Book an appointment online and walk-in to our store and take advantage of our express service.

Post in – Nationwide post-in repair service avaialbel. Self-post or post-in pack available. (3 working day average turnaround).

Courier – Same day door to door courier service available Cape Town. clients (4 hour average turnaround).

Want to make some extra money for very little work?

Then Our Smashed Affiliate program is for you!

At SMASHED we repair Smart Phones as well as a few other gadgets.

We are looking for Smashed ambassadors to join our tech savvy team.

What we ask of our ambassadors is to do nothing other than carrying on with everyday life but with an eye for phones with Smashed screens and refer the person with the Smashed phone to us, using your unique promo code on our website that will entitle them to a 10% discount.

We want to give our ambassadors 10% off every repair that they refer to us. (if the repair is R2000 on completion the ambassadors will receive R200 and the customer will only pay R1800 because of their 10% discount).

It is simple...once the customer has had their phone Repaired with us, we will EFT you 10% of the total cost to do the repair.

If you are interested in joining the team all that is required is for you to fill in some details in order to formalize the affiliation!

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