Terms of Service

  1. SMASHED only repairs products with the best quality parts.
  2. SMASHED aims to provide the most convenient service at the best price.
  3. For LCD screen replacement, SMASHED provides a 12 months warranty on the functionality of touch unit.
  4. SMASHED offer a 6 month warranty on battery replacements.
  5. Refunds to be done within 7 days of purchase, given, purchase invoice is produced.
  6. Warranty will be voided with DIY or third party tampering with or opening of the phone.
  7. SMASHED warranties exclude physical & water damage.
  8. There are no warranties on broken LCD’s.
  9. Walk in repairs can be done within 15 – 30 min, depending on parts availability.
  10. Couriered devices will be repaired within 24 – 48 hours. (The delay is due to the overnight courier service)
  11. Devices will only be released when outstanding payment has been received in full.
  12. Devices not collected after 90 days will be sold.
  13. SMASHED reserve the right to charge a holding cost on devices uncollected, 1 month after they have been booked in.
  14.  SMASHED reserve the right to charge interest and holding cost on devices repaired and uncollected, 1 month after invoice date.
  15. Remember to make a back-up of your mobile device’s data onto your PC/MAC before you send the phone to us. SMASHED cannot be held responsible for any data loss on your mobile device.
  16. Remove and keep with you: the sim, memory card, loose battery and covers.
  17. SMASHED provide an additional service to arrange courier pick-up & delivery at your convenience.
  18. SMASHED can arrange an additional parcel insurance, if your phone is not already insured, please indicate so before courier is requested for pick-up.
  19. Should the parcel package be externally damaged, please email us immediately after receipt of delivery, for us to assist you best.
  20. The SMASHED team values our clients and their opinions to help improve our service.
  21. SMASHED believes in “word of mouth” marketing & that is why SMASHED focus on service at your convenience.

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If you are interested in joining the team all that is required is for you to fill in some details in order to formalize the affiliation!

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